The project Hus 2015 was born at the beginning of 2012 with the notion to commemorate the approaching 600th anniversary of the death of Master Jan Hus. The Hus Triennium was ceremonially announced by the patriarch of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church ThDr. Tomáš Butta during traditional worship on July 6th 2012 in Bethlehem’s Chapel in Prague and it covers three years of preparations for the 600th anniversary of the burning to death of Master Jan Hus in Konstanz, Germany. The initiative and organisation of the Hus Triennium is taken by Czechoslovak Hussite Church, namely its Commission for the Jubilee 2015.

The Hus Triennium already has its

Motto: “I beg you to love each other, not to allow oppression of the good by violence and to wish truth for everyone!” (Hus’ letter from Konstanz “To the whole Czech nation”)


Logo: image of M. Jan Hus by sculptor and artist František Bílek

The Czechoslovak Hussite Church understands the significance of M. Jan Hus in a wide ecumenical context. The Church thus hopes for cooperation on this project with Churches in the Czech Republic as well as from abroad, but also with other organisations. Therefore, at the beginning of the triennium, the Church had signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the city of Konstanz, Germany, and the Fellowship of Towns with Hussite Past and Tradition and together with other Czech Churches and the Federation of Jewish Parishes in CR also with Help Tour agency.

Based on these memoranda of cooperation, the particular projects linked to the jubilee will eventually take place during following years, culminating in July 2015. An interesting link is provided by the year 2013, when the Central Europe is commemorating the 1150th anniversary of arrival of Constantine and Methodeos to the Great Moravia. This event is connected with Christian beginnings in our land, to which Hus as a Church reformer is also closely linked. The Hus Triennium thus cannot leave it aside without notice, because of its huge significance.

There will take place many activities and projects, one-time or a series, of different kind within the Hus Triennium: cultural, academic, sport – designed for diverse age groups. We may mention here the project Students Read Hus. Part of this project will also be on-line database of Hus’s texts for this project and also “Hus encyclopaedia,” which will be being created due time.

The organisers of particular activities and projects are parishes, dioceses, institutions and the whole Czechoslvoak Hussite Church. The Hus anniversary will be commemorated also by other Churches with their own activities or ecumenically. The anniversary will be reflected also by the city of Konstanz and other towns of the Fellowship of towns with Hussite Past and Tradition, but also by other towns, fellowships and institutions in the Czech republic.

The Hus Triennium is an open project inviting to cooperation everybody, who understands and wish to commemorate or to find a now-a-days significance of Master Jan Hus.